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1. All players failing to play their matches by the deadline will have their games voided, except in exceptional circumstances, It is the responsibility of the "Home" player first name on the fixture to make original contact to arrange fixture.If "Home" player has problems arranging fixture they are to contact the organisers before the deadline. Notification must be prior to the 14th of the month to allow us time to help arrange your match. Matches will not be claimed if the away player has not been contacted they must also take responsability in either contacting opponent or organisers.
Players who persistently fail to play matches on time without good cause will be removed from the league without notice or warning.

Any matches that are awarded will be done at 3 points but no frame difference.

If a game is left to be played in the last 2 weeks of the season and is not played for what ever reason the match will not be awarded just voided.

2.Blackball is the default rule set of the league Anyone who requires a copy of these rules can find them here. Lag for first break and then alternate breaks.

3. Matches shall be of a maximum 16 frames. Should one player win a ninth frame the match shall be deemed to be over and no further frames shall be played. No frames may be conceded or claimed. All matches must be played at Q Ball Basildon Pool Club. The scoring system will be three points for a win, one point for a draw,  frame difference then frames for and then head to head to separate players on the same points total.

If in doubt about table availability players should phone the club, not necessarily to book a table, but just to confirm that there's nothing major going on at the club on the arranged date,Tuesday nights are not available for game due to Basildon Pool League. After the match, hand the completed sheet back to a member of staff.

4. In most cases players must play two matches per calendar month. They will be advised of their fixtures and relevant contact details on the last day of the preceding month, on .It is the equal responsibility of both players to arrange their match.

5. Players may play matches before the fixtures are released however these results will not be added to the league table till that fixture was due to be played.

6. If a player withdraws from the singles league before it's completion, all their results will be removed if they do not complete at least half their fixtures,after halfway the organisers will award a average scoreline.

7. Players will be placed on the results table according to points total. If the points are equal, then on frame difference, then on head to head, then on results against the highest placed player. In the eventuality of players still being tied the prize money will be shared.

8. Players are expected to act in a sportsmanlike manner at all times. In the event of any dispute occurring during a match, the decision of the organizers is final.

10. On all other matters the organizers reserve the right to amend rules as appropriate and without notice.
Late and Non-arrival at Matches
If you are travelling to a match and are running late, PLEASE LET YOUR OPPONENT KNOW BEFORE THE START TIME. Contact numbers have been provided for all players, as well as the club and there is no excuse for leaving the other player hanging about with no idea whether you are going to turn up or not. "I didn't have the number with me" and other such 'the dog eat my homework' type excuses are not acceptable. Please consider this as a common courtesy. You wouldn't want it to happen to you.

Players arriving late and having failed to inform their opponent will be docked frames as follows: Up to 15 minutes late will result in the loss of one frame, 30 minutes - two frames and 45 minutes - 3 frames. 45 minutes after the agreed start time, the player who has turned up on time is free to leave with no penalty.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances you have to cancel a match, please give as much notice to your opponent as possible, they may have a long way to come. Anyone cancelling within one hour of the agreed start time will be docked three frames when the match is played.

If a player fails to turn up for a scheduled match with no notification, the game must be rearranged, with the offending player docked three frames. Failure to turn up a second time with no notification will result in conceading of match and 3 points awarded too opponent. A third offense will result in expulsion from the league.

I know that these rules on lateness may seem harsh but I believe it to be in everyone's best interest to know exactly where they stand in this matter.


Mark Neylon & Jimmy Carney

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